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Can I hang my mosaic outdoors?

Yes! Our mosaics are created using materials that are suitable for outdoor use. All of our mosaics come with a wire hanger already screwed into the back and can be hung outdoors in full weather. The wood base is a 12mm treated eco external structural plywood, and we add a special additive to the grout which helps prevent mould and cracking. We do recommend that you seal the mosaic if you intend to hang it in full weather (Do NOT seal the back of the mosaic).

Should you wish to create a mosaic that is intended for a wet area where it will be frequently immersed in water (paving stone, water feature, pool etc), you will need to inform us ahead of your class so that we can prepare a more suitable base and discuss installation. These mosaics are generally pieced on a fibreglass mesh and then adhered with a mastic to a blue-board or installed permanently to the surface that they are intended for.

You can read more information on our Caring For Your Mosaic page.

Do you sell tiles and tools?

Currently, we do not sell our tiles or tools to the public. We are planning to release mosaic kits for sale in the latter half of 2015 - so watch this space!

My mosaic broke! What should I do?

Please contact us! We will always endeavour to fix any mosaic that has been made with us! Mosaics are pretty hardy, but occasionally you may develop cracking in the grout, or it may be damaged in some other way. We have managed to fix mosaics that were on a pool wall that had a car accidentally drive through it. They were underwater for a week and broken into pieces but they were still OK.

How often do you run classes?

We run adult classes when we have the time! Keep an eye on our calendar page for upcoming dates.

Childrens Mosaic Classes

Are you licenced to work with children?

Yes. All of our teachers hold a valid working with children licence.

Can Parents, Guardians or Carers stay during the class?

No, it is a childrens' only class. We do not allow parents, guardians or carers to stay. The Floreat Forum is across the road, and there are numerous cafes and shops nearby. We're sure that you will relish 3 hours to yourself!

When should we drop off and pick up children for the class?

We open the doors 5 minutes before the start of the class. We appreciate the prompt drop off of children! We generally finish classes on time, and allow the final 10 minutes for photographing all the artwork. Please take care when driving through the carpark.

Can we hang the mosaic outdoors?

Yes! Our mosaics are created using materials that are suitable for outdoor use. All of our mosaics come with a wire hanger already screwed into the back and can be hung outdoors in full weather. The wood base is a 12mm treated eco external structural plywood, and we add a special additive to the grout which helps prevent mould and cracking. We do recommend that you seal the mosaic if you intend to hang it in full weather (Do NOT seal the back of the mosaic).

Our childrens mosaics are weather proof but not water proof. You cannot permanently immerse the mosaic in water (such as in a water feature).

You can read more information on our Caring For Your Mosaic page.

How large are the mosaic pieces?

Our standard childrens' class mosaics are based on a 30 x 30cm size - which is quite large! They will weigh approx 2.5kg when completed.

Do the children use any tools?

No. Mosaic hand tools are not suitable for use by children. Children's hands are too small to generate the leverage needed to cut the tiles and if the tools are used incorrectly they can be dangerous. We pre-cut our tiles to a small size and during the class our teachers will help cut tiles as needed. Children aged 14 years and older may wish to attend an adult mosaic class if they are interested in learning how to use the tools.

Are there any hazards associated with mosaics as an activity?

As with any art, there are some hazards. Tile and mirror edges are sharp and can cut fingers. We carry a medical kit with bandaids to treat any minor injuries. We also provide safety glasses for children to wear to shield their eyes when tiles are cut near them.

We require all children attending to wear closed toed shoes (no sandals or thongs) as tile pieces will be on the floor.

We also have a playground on site. Children should take care when playing and note that there is a strict 'no climbing' policy at the center.

Do the children choose the colours by themselves?

Yes! We have over 20 colours of tile to choose from as well as specialty glass and mirror pieces. Children are free to interpret their mosaic shape as they choose. The only exception is for house numbers, where a dark number and light background are required for the number to be visible.

How long does the mosaic take to complete?

The mosaic class is 3 hours long. We allocate the first 2 hours to piecing the mosaic. Children are seated at tables and are free to move back and forth to collect the tiles that they choose. Our teachers assist in cutting the tiles to smaller sizes where needed and will guide children on how to make the mosaic. We give the children a lollipop snack at their halfway point.

After the mosaics are pieced, we move outdoors and serve their morning / afternoon snack and begin the grouting. The last 40 minutes of the class are devoted to grouting and cleaning their mosaics so that they are ready to go home.

My child is under 5.5 years old - can they still attend a class?

Unfortunately, no. Our minimum age is 5.5 years and we do not make exceptions. This class does require the child to work to instructions and complete a task that needs manual dexterity and will take approximately 2 hours. We have found that 5 years of age is just a bit too young and they have difficulty in staying on task. The extra 6 months makes a big difference. We ask that you do not send children under our minimum age limit, even if you think that they will be OK.

Are all the mosaic shapes suitable for younger children?

We have designed our shapes so that they can be completed by children of all ages. However, children who are just over our minimum age limit may wish to choose an easier shape for their first mosaic. We recommend the following:

  • Angelfish
  • Ballerina
  • Bear Face
  • Bee
  • Butterfly 1
  • Butterfly 2
  • Bunny
  • Cupcake
  • Dog & Bone
  • Duck
  • Elephant
  • Fairy
  • Fish
  • Flower
  • Flowerpot
  • Loveheart
  • Mermaid 1
  • Mermaid 3
  • Monster
  • Orca
  • Panda Face
  • Penguin
  • Princess
  • Puppy
  • Rainbow
  • Seahorse
  • Star
  • Starfish
  • Submarine
  • Sundae
  • T-Rex
  • Teddy Bear
  • Turtle
  • Whale

Is this class suitable for children with disabilites?

We encourage you to contact us first to discuss your child's disabilty. Children attending should be able to work unaided (without a carer). Mosaics also require manual dexterity with the hands and fingers and good mobility to fetch tiles and resources. Generally we are able to accomodate most special needs, but appreciate a discussion first.

My child has a food or other allergy, can this be accomodated?

We serve the following complementary snacks during our classes as a courtesy, it is not included in the price of the workshop.

  • Lollipop - Sugar, Corn Syrup, Flavours, Colours (102, 110, 129, 133)
  • Water
  • Cadbury Drinking Chocolate -  Ingredients: Sugar, Cocoa powder, Starch (Maize or Tapioca), Mineral Salt (501), Flavour. Drinking Chocolate contains Cocoa Solids 21%. Allergen: May contain traces of wheat, milk, sesame seeds, soy and tree nuts
  • Full Cream Dairy Milk - Allergen: Contains milk
  • Arnotts Family Assorted Biscuits - Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Sugar, Vegetable Oil (Contains: Soy), Butter (From Milk), Golden Syrup, Coconut, Rolled Oats, Cocoa, Salt, Condensed Milk, Baking Powder, Eggs, Milk Powder, Food Colour (Caramel III), Flavours (Natural), Arrowroot Flour. Allergen: Contains Milk, Contains Oats, May Be Present Sesame, Contains Egg, Contains Soy, May Be Present Nuts, Contains Wheat
  • Sliced red apple (seasonal) - Pink Lady, Red Delicious, Fuji, Jazz, Royal Gala

Whilst we do take care not to serve food containing peanuts or other nut products, please be aware that we cannot guaruantee a complete nut free environment. If your child has a food allergen, you can send them with their own snack and drink which we can store in the refrigerator.

Epipens: If your child has an allergy that could require the use of an epipen, please inform us ahead of time in the allergen statement during your booking and include an emergency mobile phone contact number. Please label your epipen with your child's name and when you drop them off, please make sure to let the teacher know your childs allergy and where the epipen will be kept for easy access. If usage is required, we are able to administer an epipen shot.

What facilites are available at the classes?

We teach our classes at St Nicholas Church Hall in Floreat. The hall is fully enclosed and has the following facilities:

  • Air-conditioning
  • Toilets - separate boys and girls facilities within the hall
  • Playground
  • Kitchen with refrigerator

Can my child sit with their friends?

We make every effort to sit groups together, but please be aware that it is not always possible. We generally set up our classes as 4 x tables of 6 children. During your booking there is a field that you can fill in to let us know if other friends will be attending with you. If we need to split groups, we will email you ahead of time.

Can my child choose a shape that is not on the list?

Please contact us before booking to discuss. We do have some retired shape templates that are not on our current list and will consider new shape requests. Please be mindful that we will assess shapes on their suitability for mosaicing and reserve the right to say no.

Booking System

We have a guide to our Booking System that will show you steop by step how to create and log-in to your account and make a booking.

What payment methods do you accept?

Our online booking system accepts payment via credit card (Mastercard and Visa). Should you require to make payment via bank transfer, please contact us prior to making your booking.

Do you store my credit card information?

Our online system does not store credit card information.

Is your system secure?

Yes. Our booking system uses a secured payment gateway.

What information do you store?

Our booking system requires you to create an account with a log-in password that is associated with your contact email address. We store your First and Last Name, Email Address and Contact Phone Number in our database. These fields are then auto-populated whenever you make an additional or subsequent booking. We do not share this information with third parties. You can update and change your information when you are logged in. You can stay logged in for up to 6 months.

I have forgotten / don't know my password.

You can retrieve your password by clicking the 'Forgot Your Password' link and following the prompts. An email will be sent to your email address so that you can re-set your password.

Can I book without choosing a mosaic shape?

We request that you do NOT make a booking without choosing a shape.

Can I change the mosaic shape at a later date?

Changes MUST be made in writing (via our update form) AT LEAST 1 week prior to the class. All shapes are cut to order and once our deadline passes cannot be changed. We will acknowledge and confirm all changes made via email.

My internet timed out / I closed the payment page before the payment processed, what should I do?

You can view your unpaid invoices when you are logged in, and make the payment again. If you are unsure, you can contact us and we can check the payment status for you.

When I scroll down on the booking page, there isn't a box for me to enter my email address.

This class is now most likely full - we update our calendar page frequently, but numbers remaining may not be accurate at the time of your booking.

I would like to book more than 6 children into a class

You can contact us and we can adjust the maximum amount that can be booked, or you can use two separate email addresses and make 2 bookings.

Can I add children to an existing booking?

Yes - when logged in click the 'Make Changes to Existing Registration' link and follow the prompts. A more detailed explanation is available on our Mosaic Class Booking Guide page.

Upcoming Events

Coming soon is the Calendar for the October Kids Holiday Mosaics.

Visit our Calendar Page to view available sessions




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